Students, parents, and communities transform our education system to create a more equitable society.


  • Liberatory: we dismantle systems of oppression and replace them with systems that affirm our humanity.

  • Community-driven: we co-create solutions with communities based on what they really need.

  • Youth-focused: we support young people as they find their power and create a more equitable society.

  • Sustainable: we think in terms of decades, not years, and ensure that our people and our impact live long, meaningful lives.

How We Work

HNC is a pathway for community-driven leaders to build high quality, sustainable, equitable institutions.

We believe education is our most powerful tool to reshape our country into a more just, equitable, and humane society. And whatever we do, we do with communities—not for them.

In our mission to use education to create a more equitable society, we have explored many different approaches including creating new programs within schools, supporting existing innovations, joining coalitions with other education leaders, and even launching a community high school.

Through all of this experience, we’ve learned what is most important to us as an organization—and what isn’t.

If we are going to really change society, HNC’s purpose is clear: we must become a Collective. But what does that mean? People use the word “collective” in so many different ways, but we mean something very specific. As a Collective, we have only three core functions:

  1. Find great leaders who are already doing this work in their communities.

  2. Develop their abilities to increase the quality and reach of their impact.

  3. Coordinate their impact towards a single clear vision and set of outcomes.

Important Clarity

What We Do

We find leaders who have already proven themselves through impact with community.

We strengthen these leaders through capacity building, coaching, and other supports.

We coordinate impact across geographies to create system-level change.

What we don’t do

We don’t look for leaders with innovative ideas (without real impact).

We don’t create new schools.

We don’t open and manage programs.

We don’t do direct policy work.

Want to Learn More?

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